January 2, 2016

Cloud Hosting & Storage

An IT consultant evaluating the cloud infrastructure of a business.

Cloud Services

Zero footprint? No problem.

“The cloud” is a popular term in IT these days, due in no small part to the tremendous power and flexibility it can bring to your business.  Everything is moving to the cloud: email, servers…even your desktop!

But what is “the cloud,” and how can you use it to your advantage?

With the term being applied to just about anything IT related, it seems rather complicated and unobtainable for your business.

That’s where MTT Consulting comes in: we’re here to provide a clear path to the cloud for you and your business.

Cloud Services Allow You To Run Anything From Anywhere

Cloud Infrastructure Hosting

Simply put, “the cloud” is just a shorthand way of saying you are storing your IT infrastructure on someone else’s physical hardware in another physical location. It’s similar to the same servers and equipment you already have in your office, but much larger and more complex.

“Someone else” is typically a large hosting provider with thousands of specially designed and configured servers working together to provide services to thousands of customers, just like you. These hosting providers spend millions of dollars designing and building highly reliable data centers, then rent out small pieces of them to other businesses. The big benefit you stand to gain from moving to the cloud is that you take advantage of the features and reliability of this large data center while only having to pay a low monthly fee.

MTT Consulting partners with the best cloud hosting providers, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, to ensure your cloud hosting solution is the most reliable, feature rich, and high performing it can be.

If you don’t already leverage Cloud Infrastructure Hosting, MTT Consulting can help you understand your current infrastructure, and explain how Cloud Infrastructure Hosting plays a role in your business’ future.

If you do already have some or all of your infrastructure in the cloud, we can help you move between providers, complete your cloud hosting migration, or optimize your environment for fast, reliable connectivity.

Cloud Messaging | Office 365 | Google Apps for Work
Amazon Web Services | Google Cloud Platform | Microsoft Azure Hosting

Cloud Messaging

The first step a lot of organizations take when moving towards cloud hosting is to migrate their email and/or messaging solutions to the cloud. There are several reasons why:

Higher Reliability

Email is arguably the most important business system an organization possesses. Moving it to a high reliability platform makes sense. Building an environment that can achieve 99.999% availability is an expensive endeavor, and you can achieve that level of reliability easily with a cloud hosted solution.

More Features

Many providers offer features in their cloud hosting options that can be prohibitively expensive or difficult to implement in your own environment, such as unlimited storage, the ability to rapidly scale up (or down) rapidly, and easy integration with third party platforms.

Lower Cost

The cost of licensing and maintaining an email solution in house is high and constant, and frequently without any real benefits compared to a hosted solution. When you factor in the hardware, software, licensing, and staff costs of maintaining an on premise messaging solution, the value is clearly in favor of outsourcing.


More and more industries are finding themselves subject to regulations that require certain levels of compliance with data retention for e-mail. Meeting those mandatory compliance factors is time consuming, difficult, and costly compared to outsourcing to a cloud host that already has all the right measures in place.

MTT Consulting can help you analyze your current messaging environment for the features and functionality your business needs, build a strategy for migration that preserves all of your data with zero downtime, and see your organization’s migration through to completion.

Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

You may already have a backup plan, or possibly even a full disaster recovery and business continuity plan, but have you considered leveraging the cloud?

Making the cloud a part of your backup and disaster recovery plan is a great move that helps your organization establish a more reliable solution, but it’s not as simple as signing up for an online service and walking away.

Is the cloud right for your business? How much does it cost compared to on premises solutions?

MTT Consulting can help you:

  • Assess your existing backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans for cloud readiness
  • Identify gaps in your existing solutions that can be covered by cloud based solutions
  • Help you identify the best solutions vendors that meet your needs
  • Set up a cloud backup solution to minimize infrastructure requirements
  • Help your business understand how using the cloud impacts your RTOs and RPOs
  • Test and validate your cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Build a Business Continuity plan that allows you to continue operations during a disaster by leveraging the cloud

If you’re wondering how cloud plays into your backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans, MTT Consulting can help you build an end to end solution that makes sure your business is ready for any disaster by leveraging modern, cloud-forward solutions.

Cloud Desktops

If your business has more than a handful of workstations, you’re likely familiar with a lot of the common problems and costs associated with supporting them. Monitoring and support requirements, poor performance, hardware problems, regular replacement, and standardization are just a few of the expenses that you can expect when maintaining a sizable workforce. What if you could eliminate all of these costs with one solution?

Enter Cloud Desktops. Instead of requiring a PC for each user, all of your workstations run as virtual computers in the cloud, reside on high performing, secure, reliable hardware, and are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Some of the benefits gained by going to a cloud desktop hosting solution include:

  • Dramatically reduced capital expenditure on hardware
  • Simplified and minimized support requirements
  • Improved end user productivity from better performance of applications
  • Enables remote and highly mobile users to have the same great experience as office users
  • A valuable component of business continuity, enabling users to continue working from anywhere during a disaster

There are many different solutions available today for moving your workforce’s desktops to the cloud, and understanding the differences between offerings and the implications of each type is critical to a successful cloud desktop implementation. MTT Consulting can help you navigate the options, build a plan, and migrate your desktops to the cloud quickly and efficiently with minimal workforce interruption.

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