September 19, 2016


An IT consultant assisting a business client with a server migration

Modernize Your System Infrastructure

Your systems are what run your business. They’re complex, demanding, require special skill to support and maintain, and can be difficult or expensive to upgrade or migrate. Without proper design and high availability solutions in place, systems are frequently prone to failure, leaving your employees sitting on their hands and costing you significant time and money.

MTT Consulting has successfully helped many businesses transform their systems infrastructure from legacy single servers and aging applications to modern, highly available virtual environments that can tolerate failures with little or no downtime.

Our team can assist you with:

  • VMware best practices and design
  • ‘Virtualizing’ your legacy physical systems
  • Supporting your mission critical applications
  • Setting up and expanding your storage area network
  • Data backup and restoration
  • Application security and patch management
  • Application and server migrations

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Don’t let a downed system get your business down. MTT Consulting can help you design and migrate to a modern virtual environment that will keep you running for years to come.